Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Long Time Coming....

It all started with a little email from Pascale.

New York, Tue, 11 Dec 2007: "I'm thinking of taking time off to travel around Central and/or South America and here is where the craziness comes in...I would love it if you could come with me, even if part of the time. I know that it may not be financially feasible but I'd really like to explore the possibility. I really would prefer not to travel alone and think that it could be really fun to do something like this together. I have always wanted to visit that area of the world and thought that this is the perfect time to do it and it might be opportune for you as well. I'm looking at it as a time of seeing an existence outside my own, creating new memories, reflecting on my life and where I'd like to go, etc. So, I know that it sounds far fetched but, at least from my view, it made sense."

Then an email right back from Amy.

Los Angeles, Wed, 12 Dec 2007: "that doesn't sound crazy. i'm with you on south america. it's been my favorite place to travel. i would definitely consider the possibility of leaving for awhile to explore. i don't want to go alone either so i think it would be great to go together. let's look into this for sure. good thinking :) "

So that's how the ball got rolling, but it started long before this. Anyone who knows us knows that this has been a dream for a long, long time. Just not a dream we knew we shared.

Now we've come clean to each other, and the stars have aligned to give us this amazing opportunity. We had to do it.

Date of departure: Tue, 4 Mar 2008. Arrive in Buenos Aires the morning of Wed, 5 March!